Further thoughts and ponderance

Well, I've published the page. So I suppose that's the biggest indicator that I've come round to the idea of writing again.

In terms of what exactly that's going to entail is yet to be determined.

I think what is going to work best for me is going to be a medium to have available to just write about a topic when the moment strikes me. Sometimes things are going on but I don't want to debrief on them. Sometimes I like to write out my thoughts and feelings to work through life events as they happen. Sometimes I guess I won't want to write at all. I have no exact timelines or plans for how often I will want to write, as I'm just going to do it by feel. If I have a topic, if I have some thoughts, if I feel writing about it will be productive, then I'll run with it.

I guess I'm trying to manage any readers expectations. Basically, don't expect anything in particular, please. I have no set direction with this, I have no true goal for it, I just want to write again for me. Having it organised in a neat pretty blog is just a way to motivate myself to put order and accountability to my thoughts, a way to try and reach conclusions and package things neatly for my own digestion. And hopefully, maybe, reading it can help some other people out there who find me relatable. By all means, feel free to comment on a post if there's anything in particular you'd like to hear more about or my opinion on, but be mindful in doing so that I may not be able to find the time or drive to write on that particular topic.

If you're an old reader from years back, hello hi and welcome back, thanks for finding me again/sticking with me. If you have no idea who I am that's fine, maybe you'll want to read and maybe you won't.

If I was forced to guess what I might want to write about, I would hazard it could be on the following topics:

  • The gym - what's working, what isn't, my goals, what's fun, my philosophy on exercise
  • Health - where it's been, what I'm trying, things I find interesting, research, resources
  • Medical school - this one's a bit of a grey area, I don't feel entirely free to speak as I might wish about this topic, but I'm sure it will be mentioned
  • Food - definitely going to be writing about delicious food at some point/within other ramblings, wherever that may be found
  • Self-development - what works for me to change things I want to change, what I've done in the past, what isn't working for me - essentially, most likely an as-it-happens account of my inner thoughts about this topic as I think about my place in this world and what I want to be offering back to the world as I go

Anyway, I'm sure you're sick of my navelgazing about whether I will or won't write and want me to just shut up and put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, if that's what I've decided to do.

I've set up this page quite bare for now. Hopefully there's an option for you to subscribe at the bottom of the page, should you wish to, as I figure that is the easiest way to know when I've made a new post given I'm not offering or committing to any set time frame of post frequency. If there are any issues with subscribing or the website, let me know in the comments.